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The Power of Purpose: Changing Lives through Real Estate and Community Service w Desiree Maurer- EP22

Kathy Byrnes speaks with Desiree Maruer, a seasoned real estate agent with 25 years of experience, about the challenges and learning processes of balancing professional success with personal projects and community involvement. Desiree shares her passion for working with military families in the Charleston market and her involvement in networking to grow her business.


Green is Gold: The Importance of Mentorship and Grit in Real Estate with Lauren Green - EP 21

Lauren Greene, a seasoned real estate agent with seven years of experience. Lauren shares her journey from being a stay-at-home mom to diving into real estate, starting with EXP and transitioning through several companies before finding her place at Epic, an AI-based real estate firm.

Protecting Agents: eXp's Health Insurance Solutions with Margo Wickersham - EP 20

In this episode of Real Estate Riches, host Kathy Byrnes converses with Margo Wickersham about the significance of health insurance for realtors, particularly through eXp Realty and their collaboration with Clearwater for affordable and comprehensive health plans.

City Living: Urban Real Estate Strategies with Rebecca Knaster - EP 19

Rebecca Knaster, a knowledgeable listing agent in New York City with 28 years of experience, shares insights into New York City's real estate landscape, discussing the unique challenges and methods of promoting listings without an MLS, the influence of platforms like StreetEasy, and the intricacies of dealing with co-ops, condos, and condops.

Coaching Philosophy: Empowering Realtors for Success with Teresa Cowart - EP 18

In this episode of "Real Estate Riches," the host engages with Teresa Cowart, a former HR professional for Hershey Foods who transitioned into a successful real estate career. Cowart shares her inspirational journey from being laid off to finding her calling in real estate almost by serendipity.

Housing Horizons: Innovative Investment Strategies with Renee Ruth - EP 17

In a recent podcast episode, Kathy Byrnes invites Renee Ruth, a successful real estate agent from eXp, to share her journey from being a university professor to excelling in the real estate industry. Renee discusses the challenges she faced when starting in real estate, the importance of shadowing successful agents, and learning that real success comes from prioritizing helping others over making money.

Rising Above Challenges: Thriving in New York City's Real Estate Market with Dalia Glazer - EP 16

In an insightful conversation with Kathy Byrnes from Real Estate Riches, Dalia Glazer shares her extensive experience in the New York City real estate market. Starting her career with a focus on rental companies, Dalia transitioned into representing buyers and eventually concentrated on listings, developing expertise across the board.

The Power of Leverage: Blend of buyers and Seller Strategies with Rick Angell - EP 15

Kathy Byrnes hosts Rick Angell on the Real Estate Riches show to delve into his real estate journey and professional strategies in Greenville, South Carolina. Celebrating a decade in the industry, Rick highlights the evolution from a solo agent to leading a team since 2019.

The Art of Persistence: Unwavering commitment to success with Karen Goins - EP 14

Kathy Byrnes sits down with Karen Goins, a seasoned real estate professional who has dedicated 27 years to working exclusively with RE/MAX. Karen shares her inspiring journey into real estate, starting from her humble beginnings as an assistant, obtaining her license to increase her involvement in transactions, to eventually becoming a buyer's agent and forming a team.

Conquering the Concrete Jungle: Dynamic Duos of Real Estate with Grant Cooper and Bronwyn Kelly - EP 13

Kathy Byrnes hosts real estate professionals Grant Cooper and Bronwyn Kelly. The couple shares their journey in the real estate industry, starting from when they met during their licensing to their marriage and partnership in business.

City Roots, Investment Routes: Miami Market Insights with Nick Green - EP 12

Kathy Byrnes engages with Nick Green, a successful real estate agent from New York City, exploring his unique journey into the real estate business, his deep connections to the city, and how his familial roots in both Boston and New York influenced his career.

Echoes of the Past, Visions of the Future: Timeless Success with Greg Cirone - EP 11

Kathy Byrnes sits down with guest Greg Cirone, a successful real estate entrepreneur from Chicago. The conversation delves into Greg's inspirational journey from his early days in Italy to becoming the owner of a boutique real estate agency with 25 agents.

Closing Deals & Opening Doors: Beyond the Property Lines with Nicole Hajdu - EP 10

Chicago Realtor Nicole Cole discussed her unique journey into the real estate industry. Despite entering the market during the 2007 crash, Nicole's background in family business, creative arts, and corporate roles, along with her father's encouragement, equipped her with the work ethic and innovative approach needed to succeed.

Values-Driven Success: The Power of Values, Integrity, and Resilience with Carl Christian - EP 9

Kathy Byrnes sits down with Carl Christian, a real estate professional with a compelling story of resilience and success. Christian emphasizes the importance of aligning with people who share your values, stating his personal rule of only working with those who share at least three of his seven core values.

Agent Attraction Strategies: A Journey of Transition and Success with Elizabeth Riley - EP 8

Kathy interviews Elizabeth Riley, discussing the shift towards collaboration and community in the real estate industry. The discussion highlights the importance of agent attraction, the significance of referrals, and the necessity of being adaptable in a competitive field.

Unleashing Real Estate Potential with Janet Ruffalo - EP 7

\In this podcast episode, Kathy interviews Janet Ruffalo, a real estate entrepreneur with nine years of experience, who has transitioned from working in short sales with her husband to owning her brokerage.

From Property Management to Real Estate Success: Christine Lester's Journey -

EP 6

Join us as Kathy sits down with Christine Lester to explore her inspiring journey from property management to becoming a successful real estate agent. Christine shares valuable insights on perseverance, balancing work and family life, and taking the leap into a new career.

Harnessing the Power of Technology and Social Media in Real Estate with Caten Murphy - EP 5

Kathy and Caten explore how technology, automation, and social media are changing the industry. Caten shares her firsthand experience harnessing the power of social media to forge genuine connections with potential clients.

Building a Successful Real Estate Career With The Power of Referrals with Kerri Pearce - EP 4

Kerri opens up about the power of referrals in the real estate industry, revealing how they've been the driving force behind her impressive career. From nurturing strong relationships to leveraging her network, Kerri shares the strategies that allowed her to sell a whopping 112 properties in 2023!

Navigating the Heights of Luxury Real Estate with Janie Coffey - EP 3

Unlock the Secrets of Luxury Real Estate with Janie Coffey! In Episode 3 of the Real Estate Riches Podcast, step into the world of luxury real estate with our distinguished guest, Janie Coffey. Recognized among the top 100 most influential figures in the industry, Janie brings a treasure trove of insights and stories from her illustrious career.

Embrace Tech & Transform Your Real Estate Career with Kelly Byrnes - EP 2

Dive into Episode 2 of the Real Estate Riches Podcast where we explore the seismic shift technology brings to the real estate world with the visionary, Kelly Byrnes.

Unlock the Secrets to Real Estate Success with Kathy Byrnes - EP 1

Welcome to the first episode of the Real Estate Riches Podcast, where your journey to elevating your real estate game begins! Join us as we peel back the curtain with Kathy Byrnes, a dynamic force in the real estate sphere, known for turning ambitions into achievements.

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